Arunachala, India

Arunachala 1989 – Barren mtn dry rocks
Greening Arunachala
The farm in Tiru before we touched it, total waste land
The farm in Tiru in process of coming alive
The farm in Tiru a couple of years later
The farm in Tiru, a waste land turned into an oasis


Ramana’s Garden

Ramana’s garden before
Ramana’s edible garden design before planting
Ramana’s edible garden 6 weeks later
Engaging the children with the work at Ramana’s garden
Intensive beds at Ramana’s garden



Lavadea Romania no dig garden
No dig garden Romania growing first season
Mixed Planting
Beds in our circular no dig garden
Beauty and diversity an essential part of every garden we create
Flowers and herbs are part of every edible landscape we design


Tibetan Community, India

Creating Banana circle in Aurivle
Seeding underneath plastic
Jaman discussing the Tibetan Sustainable Living Project with His Holiness the Dalai Lama
John & Jaman presenting certificates to participants of a Tibetan PDC
John & Jaman with Prof Rinpoche, Prime Minister of Tibetan government in exile 2003
John & Jaman teaching a course to the Tibetan community in exile
Jaman with the Dalai Lama in his capacity as advisor to the Tibetan government in exile
Jaman presenting Prof Rinpoche, Prime Minister of Tibetan government with seed saving book
Jaman & John in a break from work


Argayall, Canary Islands, Spain

2002 Argayall Mango monoculture Allelopathy shade
2003 Argayall 1.5 hectares ocean and cliffs
2011 Finca view from above
2011 Retake of road from garden shed
Form movement, topography from flat, straight monotony
Water plants where there was mango desert
Papaya, ginger, mulberry AND mango
No longer a mango monoculture
Bungalows in intimate abundance


Awang Awang, Bali

Awang August 2008 before
Awang Awang, after


Boromeo villa, Italy

Lana before
Lana after


Green School, Bali

Green School before, low productivity, low diversity
Green School 2010 Rice and classrooms
Green School Heart of School; landscaping abundance


Tiruvannamalai, India

Chk farm, before wasteland
Chkfarm diversity 10 yrs


‘Sundari’, Northern NSW, Australia

Sundari, degraded cattle pasture1977
Lake and Rob’s pavillion rainforest arboretum


Temple Garden, India

Temple pre-nursery
Temple garden nursery largest in India


Jaman, John & Friends

With Vandana Shiva and Prof Rinpoche at social forum
Vandana Shiva endorsing Jaman’s book
Shah Abdul Latif Uni Pakistan
Mtn forest shaded, moist, abundant
John Seed and John Button Temple
John in Theodolyte Russia
John at Argayall
John and Bill Mollison
Jaman with Vandana Shiva when we were all much younger
Jaman with Vandana Shiva in a monsanto campaign
Jaman with Ethiopian agriculture minister
Jaman with Masanobu Fukuoka 2002
Jaman presenting the Dalai Lama with the Tibetan project report
Francesca and John 2014-04-03
John Demonstrating Pakistan
Arunachala John Button permaculture course 1995


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