Green Gaia Project Mission Statement


In Green Gaia Designs, we have dedicated ourselves, both as a team and individually, to create and support positive strategies and activity towards a productive, sustainable and just world. We know this intention is an attainable vision, proven by the designs, projects and actions, which we have been involved with over many years, all over the planet.

Fundamental to this is our awareness that humans are an integral part of Nature, and not apart from Nature. This understanding underlies our proven capacity to create highly productive, sustainable and beautiful design systems wherever we are engaged.

In creating a ‘marriage between people and place’, it is essential that we recognise and respect the particular qualities and characteristics of our clients as much as their site; how else could we expect to facilitate such a relationship that both the people and the place are harmonised to achieve their mutual ideal.

We work with the client as colleagues and support system, so that almost invariably a level of friendship unfolds

Our passion and life path is to turn the earth into an abundant paradise again. What we do is not merely our work; it is our life.

Working with individuals, NGO’s, companies and corporations, governments, orphanages, communities and more, in urban and rural situations, and diverse socio-economic circumstances, through most climatic regions of the world.

We welcome you to contact us and have a chat on ideas, questions, solutions, your dreams – for a small family farm or a food system that needs to feed thousands, land that needs care and repair, or a vision for holistic paradise retreat or community that needs to be refined and defined. Whatever, let’s talk.

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