Our Services

We offer a broad array of solutions and innovative ideas in the field of sustainability and organic farming and water management.



 for diverse landuse situations.

Project implementation

 based on years of practical experience.

Permaculture designs

No project too big or small.

Land regeneration

Solutions and wastelands regeneration.

Landscape design

 And integrated systems design, read more

 not only ‘classical’ Permaculture; we have a lot of experience in creating sustainable landscapes for people who are more concerned with beauty and presentation, for example, than food production.

Holistic designs

Of human habitats, including housing, eco community-building,read more

  social and spiritual frameworks, all included in a truly integrated eco system.


Organic commercial food production.


And Polyculture greenhouse designs. read more

 We have recently completed a design of a ground-breaking commercial 1acre polyculture greenhouse, integrating Aquaponics, hydroponics and earth based production in a largely self-sustaining recirculating system.

Permaculture Design Courses

2 week Accredited Permaculture Design courses, read more

mostly run by John and Francesca. The courses can be offered in English, Italian and German, the three languages in which we have at least working proficiency. While we meticulously follow the internationally recognised curriculum, we facilitate with an emphasis on deep ecology, so that participants emerge from a course not only with the practical aspects of applied permaculture, but always in the context of a profound recognition of human relationship with environment, and our responsibility and capacity to create highly productive, sustainable systems. 

Water Conservation

We specialise in water conservation, storage (lakes, swales, ponds), and water management.read more

We consider water as the primary element offering optimal fertility, productivity, and micro-climate manipulation potential. Failure to prioritise water leads to high soil and fertility loss, erosion, and loss of productivity inevitable in poor management.

Permaculture Retreats

Weekend introduction to permaculture, read more

developed by John and Jaman, to allow for an intensive and practical introduction to permaculture, for people who are limited in the spare time they have. These retreats have a strong emphasis on practical elements of permaculture. We also tailor courses for specialised themes.


Is an integral quality of all the designs we create.  read more

Since a sensitive and well-considered design should necessarily embody natural harmony between all the elements involved, aesthetic harmony is an almost inevitable consequence too. However, given that taste can be a very personal theme, we endeavour to ensure both needs fulfilment AND the manifestation of the clients’ dreams.


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