Tuesday December 5 – Sunday December 15

ARS Permaculture Demonstration Farm

Samudram Ery, Nalavanplayam, Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India



An opportunity to understand the essence of Permaculture with a rich program of hands-on activity & learning, in an environment of wasteland regeneration to abundance.


John Button, Francesca Simonetti of NatureDesigns and GreenGaiaProject, plus others, will hold a 10 day workshop in Tiruvanamalai, Tamil Nadu immediately after the International Permaculture Conference & Convergence.


Building on more than 35 years experience in permaculture, sustainability, activism, community building, reforestation, gardening & wasteland regeneration, we will break from the traditional Permaculture Design Course to focus on what we feel is essential to participants, leaving space & time for themes inspired by participants.


At the foot of the sacred mountain of Arunachala, (I played a significant role in its reforestation), you will learn the most important design principles & attitudes which make Permaculture so vital, with the emphasis on applying them in hands-on applications. Getting our hands dirty, building a sense of community through learning, working & playing together.


The course will be on the ARS Permaculture Demonstration Farm, our own land established 25 years ago and other sites.


You will emerge from this course richer, knowing the incredible capacity of Permaculture integration, & how you can directly apply it immediately to make a better life and better world.


Themes include:

  • Permaculture principles & attitudes
  • Design basics
  • Wasteland Regeneration strategies & techniques
  • Creating abundance; setting up a new system from zero
  • Diverse garden systems & strategies
  • Food forests/forest gardens
  • Reforestation & land regeneration
  • Community Building
  • Soil creation, protection.
  • Water: collecting, storing, distribution, usage


A Permaculture Practical Course certificate will be issued.


Further information: www.naturedesignsjohnfranci.com

Contact: johnnaturedesigns@yahoo.com, naturedesigns.franci@gmail.com

Maximum: 20 pax

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