Permaculture and Beyond


Permaculture seeks to harmonise the individual characteristics of landscape (landform, soil, water, vegetation, animals) with the needs of the people utilising it, in order to create a system that is both productive and sustainable in the long term.


We use Permaculture as the structural framework of our work. It is NOT a series of techniques, nor an obscure cult, nor a ‘way of doing things’; it is a scientific (including social sciences) approach to creating integrated systems.

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Permaculture is derived not only from ‘permanent’ and ‘agriculture’ as is often interpreted, but equally, from permanent and ‘culture’. Without an intimate connection with the local culture, including the culture of the individual, a design is unlikely to be implemented, and even less likely to be sustainable over a longer time.


While our philosophy follows principles of sustainable design, it is primarily concerned with attitude. Through recognition of the existing and potential relationships between the different elements in a landscape (landform, climate, animals, structures and people), we are able to achieve design that is beautiful, harmonious, productive and inspirational.

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