A selection of past Projects

These are only a sample of some our projects. We have done projects, work and consultancies plus teaching events in Australia, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, Argentine, Spain, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Eritrea, Nigeria, Slovakia, Romania.

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Greening Arunachala, south India

1989 – 1998. Tiruvannamalai, India. Instigated through the Rainforest Information Centre,supported with funding from the AustralianGovernment, WWF, Threshold Foundation, andNew Society. The sacred mountain of Arunachala transformed from a barren mountain to rich forest. Wasteland around the town was reforested. The biggest temple nursery in India established, school and village projects instigated, and a 10-acre demonstration farm set on what was previously total wasteland.

Green School, Bali, Indonesia

2007-8. Kulkul Campus, Sibang Kaja, for John & Cynthia Hardy. (John Hardy jewellery) Master plan Development, Design, Implementation and Oversight,  with the the intention to create a beautiful sustainable campus integrated with the school syllabus, to ensure students are conscious of their relationship to place and the responsibility involved.

Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh, India,

2015-2016. Integrated 1-acre polyculture greenhouse including Aquaponics, hydroponics and earth based cultivation in a self-sustaining recirculating system. Design complete 2015, implementation 2016.

 Bali Turtle Island Development, Indonesia.

2008-2010. Serangan Turtle Island. Consultancy, design and implementation for Cherie Nursalem Ex. Director of GITI group. Barren land turned green within 4 years. Design,
Consultancy and Implementation.

Argayall resort, La Gomera, Canary Islands

Transformed from unproductive mango monoculture to hugely diverse, productive and beautiful polyculture garden, creating intimacy and space in a tightly settled community and guest resort. Design, consultancy, implementation.


2006-7. Private Businessman Alexander Brodowski, Tula and Muram Districts: Design and Consultancy for low-maintenance high production commercial pig-rearing and diverse polyculture.

France, Limousin

2015. Water management -Design and implementation for La Roseraie de Sacha, a spiritual community, the creation of a lake both for productivity and associated water management of the whole 25 hectares, plus extensive consultation on strategies for achieving a harmonious, productive and ecologically healthy estate.


2013. Lvandea, via Teius, design, consultancy and implementation.

Ramana’s Garden Rishikesh India

2011. Food production garden for orphanage children and organic restaurant. Education and support involving the children in process.


2011. NewTREES International Development, Switzerland.  Project involving education and consultation, with focus on raising nutritional standards and household productivity, and developing diverse polyculture systems.


2011. SONED, Berlin, Germany – project involving education (first Permaculture Design Course in Nigeria) and consultancy to support household  sovereignty over food and personal autonomy.

D-Foundation NGO

2010. Sarnath, Varanasi district, Uttar Pradesh, India.  Consulting and strategy development for improving year-round productivity

BHU (Benares Hindu University) – Institute Of Agricultural Sciences, Varanasi, India, 2010. Permaculture presentations.

 Tibetan Community in Exile, India

2003. Tibetan Sustainable Living Project – with support from Rainforest Information Centre and Australian government. Education, consultancy, advisory to Tibetan government in Exile. Tibetan sustainable Living report a 150-page document was presented in the UN and Australian government.


May –  November 2011. ACTED, Paris-based NGO, Sindh and Islamabad. Project involving consultancy, education and use of permaculture as a strategy for creating resilience and survival productivity in communities blighted by frequent episodic drought and flood extremes.

 PLAN International South East Asia:

1992 – 1994. Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines: consultation on integrated community projects in many districts throughout SE Asia; course and workshop facilitation, design and strategic planning for regional transformation from solely child sponsorship to community development.

Italy – Pignano, Tuscony

2007-2008. Property of Sir Mr Michael Moritz, Sequoia Capital, ex board of director member of Google. Design and Consultancy, with focus on water management, including swales, lake creation, erosion control.

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