Who are We?

Instigators of sustainability

Both John and Jaman have a vast knowledge in in Permaculture, sustainability, earth repair and regeneration, landscape design, food production systems, polyculture greenhouse growing and Aquaponics as well as community development.


Jaman Tree

With a background in conventional agriculture, we understand the pitfalls of monoculture and chemical farming and offer a broad array of solutions to repair damaged land and move forward to a sustainable way of working with the environment.

We have done many projects around the world, including a lot of voluntary work for the underprivileged, as well as for big corporations and a variety of individuals and organisations in diverse circumstances.

Between us we have over 70 years of experience in ‘land matters’, in a variety of geographical, social and climatic conditions, thus we are able to offer solutions that perhaps may elude others.


Jaman presenting the Dalai Lama with the Tibetan project report

Also in our team is Francesca Simonetti, John’s wife who is a highly experienced doctor of agronomy, as well as other individuals, with whom we cooperate, when the need arises.

The common thread which fired up this working relationship originally was environmental and social activism in Australia, with the belief in being agents of change for a better world. Theses days they are both based in Europe and spend time in India and Australia as well.


John Button

John Button and Jonathan (Jaman) Halpern first met in 1992 in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu where they worked together n the reforestation of the sacred mountain of Arunachala and setting a permaculture demonstration farm, a sustainability project that was anchored by John and has become an icon to what is possible even in the harshest of conditions.

The mountain turned from a barren mountain to a forested landscape, full of life. Springs flow again, birds and animals unseen for decades have returned, rainfall has increased. Many had declared it was not possible.

The 10-acre wasteland 4 km away from the mountain turned in no time to a lush oasis and a thriving permaculture demonstration far, one of the first in India.


John and Bill Mollison

Since those days, John and Jaman have together and individually worked on many projects around the world, with vast experience in Europe, Asia and Australia as well as working in South America and Russia.


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