Mission Statement

Our passion and life path is to turn the earth into an abundant paradise again.
What we do is not merely our work; it is our life.


In Green Gaia Project, we dedicate ourselves, both as a team and individually, to make it our mission to create positive strategies and activity towards a productive, sustainable and just world.
Fundamental to this is our awareness that humans are an integral part of Nature, and not apart from Nature.

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We work with the client as colleagues and support system, so that almost invariably a level of friendship unfolds.
Working with individuals, NGO’s, companies and corporations, governments, orphanages, communities and more, in urban and rural situations, and diverse socio-economic circumstances, through most climatic regions of the world.

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We welcome you to contact us and have a chat on ideas, questions, solutions, your dreams – for a small family farm or a food system that needs to feed thousands, land that needs care and repair, or a vision for holistic paradise retreat or community that needs to be refined and defined. Whatever, let’s talk.

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